Studio & Space

Frank Pfaff
Department Manager
Studio & Space

[email protected] // +45 31 41 83 34

FXteam Studio & Space spans 25,000 square meters in the heart of Copenhagen, conveniently located near the highway, airport, city, and beach.

In addition to ample space, offices, workshops, and storage, we offer production houses for rent. Our facilities include a 300-square-meter studio, 50 storage containers, and a spacious outdoor area with water and power supply access.  We can provide production houses tailored for film production. These are constructed in pavilions designed specifically to meet the requirements of each production. They come equipped with workshops, offices, insurance-approved parking, kitchens, storage, makeup rooms, space for the art department, director, photographers, and other necessities for individual production.

FXteam Studio

We present our 300-square-meter multi-studio space with a 4.5-meter ceiling height and two large doors allowing access for two trucks simultaneously. It features two fully equipped kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, a lounge area, a makeup room, and ample parking spaces. It is an ideal location for bringing creative projects to life.  With easy access to transport equipment and props in and out, along with versatile spaces, there’s ample freedom to create. Our other departments are conveniently located nearby and are always ready to assist. The studio is available for rent daily or for longer periods.

Rental of production house

Production spaces and areas designed for film production can be adapted and built according to needs. Facilities include workshops, offices, parking, kitchens, and storage rooms. A flexible solution that can be adjusted during production, helping to minimise expenses. With the rest of FXteam’s departments nearby, it provides the perfect conditions for production.

Rental of Containers, Garages, and Outdoor Spaces

With various storage options, including locked garages and container facilities, we offer flexible solutions for storing boats, cars, materials, and more. Outdoor space with access to water, drainage, and electricity is rented out for various purposes. With our other departments at the location, we can supplement with many other services, such as cleaning, waste management, and construction services.