Replica Firearms

Replica or prop firearms are non-firing, authentic-looking duplicates of actual firearms. Although some models may have moving parts, these props do not discharge projectiles. Replica firearms are available in various materials. Due to laws and regulations, acquiring prop firearms involves considerable paperwork and time, always posing a serious safety risk. Therefore, replica firearms are often preferred over real firearms when used in a film or stage performance, generally for safety reasons. FXteam currently holds over 600 replica firearms, catering to various preferences. We will source or build it for you if we don’t have the model or era you seek. Over the past decade, FXteam has been working on replica firearms with both muzzle flashes and ejecting shell casings. We have several solutions in stock and continue to develop non-pyrotechnic products. We do not compromise on safety and authenticity.

Blank-Firing Guns

A blank-firing gun is designed to mimic the appearance and function of a real pistol, rifle, or revolver, but it only fires blank ammunition, also known as blanks or blank cartridges. Blank-firing guns utilise cartridges that lack projectiles, meaning they do not shoot out bullets but simulate the sound and recoil typically associated with firing live rounds. It’s crucial to emphasise that blank-firing guns still need to be handled with care and treated as real firearms because they produce significant recoil and noise. Professional training and safety precautions are essential to minimise risks and safely handle blank-firing guns in all circumstances. Please note that these weapons require special permits.

Safe prop weapons

Our collection of safe prop weapons includes blunt, bladed, and edged weapons, ranging from prop knives, spears, axes, swords, clubs, and bats. While they appear authentic, they are safe for use. Please note that these items are intended for use strictly as props.

Uniforms and Equipment

FXteam offers a wide range of military, police, and firefighting uniforms and associated gear for production. Emphasis is placed on authenticity in assembling these uniforms and equipment. Our team has active and former police and military personnel from various units and periods. This allows us to ensure knowledge and experience, enabling us to deliver a product that is authentic and tailored to the period, unit, division, and personality.

Machines and Equipment

readily lease our equipment, including wind machines, snow machines, rain towers, smoke machines, and steam machines, in all sizes and forms. FXteam can be reached on the emergency phone outside office hours, ensuring your production never halts due to equipment issues. Additionally, we offer a selection of specialised vehicles perfectly suited to support productions and filming on-location.

Location / Production House / Storage

The FXteam Studio & Space department spans 25,000 m2 at the heart of Copenhagen. The department offers production houses for film production, featuring workshops, offices, approved parking for production vehicles, kitchen facilities, storage, makeup rooms, space for the art department, director, photographers, and any other requirements for individual productions. Additionally, the department includes a 300 m2 studio, 50 containers for storage, and a large open outdoor area suitable for executing and testing effects or serving as a location, particularly if an industrial theme is desired.

Stunt equipment

In addition to our stunt performers available to support your production with guidance and stunt work, we also offer rental and sale of various stunt equipment. However, most stunt props require professional guidance. Our selection includes fire stunt gel, stunt dummies, stunt babies, crash mats, and much more.