Atmospheric Effects


Wind effects are crucial in film production. They add dynamics, atmosphere, and movement to scenes. From gentle breezes to fierce storms and hurricanes, wind effects can simulate various types of wind. Filmmakers can create realistic illusions of wind indoors and outdoors using specialised equipment like wind machines and fans. The impact of wind on surroundings such as trees, flags, hair, and clothing creates an authentic and engaging experience for audiences.  Our experience in wind effects within the film and TV industry enables us to deliver everything from mild breezes to powerful gusts or even localised hurricane effects. We have a wide range of wind machines and are happy to discuss your options and considerations to help you achieve the desired wind effect for your production.


Realistic snowstorms or gently falling snowflakes create a magical winter atmosphere. Creating snow special effects is complex. Many snow products are available, but the variations of snow in reality are even greater. Our team can provide any form of snow, with artificial snow that offers great realism either alone or mixed with real snow.


From smoke, fog, haze, steam, and smog to smoldering embers and dense, billowing white or black smoke. We have an extensive collection of machines and techniques and broad experience in effects that provide a visual atmosphere for both indoor and outdoor scenes. We can cover everything from a steaming hot cup of coffee to a misty landscape.


Rain is a powerful way to create an atmospheric mood on screen. Creating a rainy atmosphere and making it realistic is a job for special effects experts. We can produce realistic downpours, light showers, drizzles, misty atmospheres, monsoon floods, streams, and floods. Each requires significant expertise and a healthy dose of imagination. The rain systems we use include traditional yet versatile custom-built rain rigs and rain towers, all capable of creating rain effects from drizzles to torrential downpours.