FXteam Special effects & production support

Special effects · Production service · Art department service Location service · Precision driving · Rigging Courses (weapon handling, safety, police ethics, combat techniques) Rental of prop weapons · Rental and manufacturing of props Rental of uniforms · Rental of machinery

FXteam Set & Construction

Set construction · Carpentry workshop
Blacksmith workshop · Mechanical workshop
Foundry workshop · Design workshop
Craftsman service · Renovation

FXteam Service & Facility

Construction site service Labor leasing · Collision damage service
Renovation vehicle maintenance · Cleaning

FXteam Studio & Space​

Production house rental
Container storage · Rental of secured garages
Parking space rental · Space rental with access to power and water

Christian Kitter
Owner & Founder
[email protected] //  +45 31 38 52 23

We are FXteam, a passionate service company with 40 years of experience

Time has brought new customers, and new business branches have emerged. The dream was and still is to create a comprehensive service company with high ceilings – among our employees, tasks, and customers.

Today, we have expanded to four departments:

Our competent employees work across departments, allowing us to offer a unique and flexible service. Many of our customers come from the film and media industry, but we also handle tasks for the construction industry, private clients, and cultural institutions. We are known for our ability to solve impossible tasks and always go the extra mile for our customers. It’s an honour to meet all partners with curiosity and respect. We look forward to meeting you.

Trine Chrzan CEO

The FXteam Spirit

At FXteam, we believe that the true essence of a successful company lies not only in its products and solutions but especially in the people who make up the company. Our team spirit at FXteam is truly special, built on a foundation of collaboration, inclusion, and community.

We often hire new employees in collaboration with the Copenhagen Veterans Center and specialised units within Copenhagen Municipality. Everyone deserves a chance to showcase their strengths and contribute meaningfully to society. Our partnership with the Copenhagen Veterans Center allows us to support former soldiers transitioning to civilian work life. These veterans bring valuable skills and experiences to our team, and we are honoured to give back to those who have sacrificed so much for our society.

Through collaboration with Copenhagen Municipality, we can offer meaningful job opportunities to those who struggle to find suitable work elsewhere. We’ve witnessed how diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives contribute to creativity, innovation, and problem-solving. How our team spirit ripples out like concentric circles, reaching our customers and suppliers.

At FXteam, we believe that when individuals—team members, our customers, partners, or suppliers—feel valued and supported, they can collectively deliver their best.

We strive to be a company that inspires others to embrace diversity and positively impact society.

The FXway

“The FXway” 

represents our commitment to thinking outside the box and making the world better by assisting those who want to contribute positively and be part of the community. 

We’ve created a lush eco-garden that provides the team with fresh vegetables, creating a sanctuary amidst the everyday hustle for our team. Additionally, we’ve gathered a collection of retro mopeds and established a workshop where they are refurbished.

Our emphasis on community and freedom also led to the inception of a fishing club. What began as a quest to find a break in the routine, seeking spots for urban fishing, evolved into an effort where we produce biodegradable fishing gear. We’ve partnered with the Hvidovre Sportsfishing Association and By&Havn, releasing thousands of trout into the Copenhagen Harbor.

Silas (@silastveitgibson), a student within our team family, dreamt of becoming a high-level go-kart racer. We entered into a sponsorship agreement, and we now proudly support him as his dedication propels him up the European rankings. 

We enjoy giving back to society and supporting young talents through coaching and financial contributions, such as in film productions. We also prioritise hosting interns from primary schools, as we believe in inspiring and broadening their horizons.