Jacob Mark Andreasen
Department Manager for
Set & Construction
[email protected] // +45 31 33 24 94

FXteam Set & Construction encompasses various workshops enabling the creation of intricate solutions in-house.

We undertake general craftsmanship, renovations, and refurbishments alongside set construction and custom solutions. Our clientele extends beyond the film and TV industry to encompass the construction sector, private clients, cultural institutions, and diverse projects. In addition to our set design work for film, TV, theatre, advertising, museums, restaurants, shops, showrooms, events, trade shows, furniture, and interior design, we integrate ourselves into the entire production process. This integration allows us to streamline logistics, promote material recycling, contribute positively to the environment, and offer cost-effective solutions. Jacob Mark Andreasen heads this department, leveraging his extensive experience in set construction and speciality solutions alongside the skilled individuals within our workshops to handle diverse projects.

The carpentry workshop

In our carpentry workshop, our skilled carpenters and joiners handle various tasks. These tasks cater to theater productions, TV/film productions, concerts, events, interior work, or exhibition stands. Our 400 m2 wood workshop allows for efficient and precise work, while our 300 m2 assembly workshop is dedicated to assembling and completing projects.

The blacksmith workshop

The blacksmith workshop has experience in welding techniques and can handle a wide range of forging and welding tasks. Whether it’s about developing, assembling, or repairing metal structures, ensuring strong welds, fabricating spare parts, or performing specialized welding methods, our team has the necessary expertise and precision.

The mechanical workshop

Our mechanical workshop is dedicated to developing, constructing, and repairing mechanical and electronic solutions. We combine technical expertise with creativity and passion to deliver tailored solutions.

The Foundry

Our team masters various casting techniques and has multiple workshops, equipment, and materials at our disposal. We work with everything from silicone and rubber to resin and metal, even gummy and ice. We continuously experiment to develop new techniques and test new materials. Our projects have ranged from self-dissolving fish to large boulders.

Construction Department

Our team of craftsmen delivers quality work and comprehensive solutions across our workshops. Whether it’s refurbishments, renovations, or specific craftsman tasks, we have a skilled team ready. Our craftsmen possess many skills and can handle various tasks, whether carpentry, masonry, painting, or other craftsman work.

Design Workshop

Our design workshop complements projects with innovative solutions through design, calculations, drawings, development, and support. Do you have an idea but need assistance in bringing it to life? We can help sketch your idea and turn it into reality—the design workshop is the centre for creativity and technical expertise.