Service & Facility

Henrik Schweitz
Department Manager
Service & Facility
[email protected]  // + 45 53 55 69 80

FXteam Service & Facility offers a range of flexible services

Our department is equipped with extensive machinery, allowing our skilled team to handle diverse tasks. We prioritise safety and responsibility, ensuring safety standards are met in all our endeavours. Whether it’s property or construction site services, assistance with craftsmanship tasks, or tailored solutions to meet specific needs, we can provide a flexible solution.

Property Services

Our team offers property services with a range of special offerings. With our craftsmanship department and the versatile machinery at our disposal, FXteam Service & Facility can provide special flexible solutions. Caretakers can be available for daily maintenance or on-call while our craftsmen handle minor repairs and major renovation projects. Suppose the property already has a designated caretaker. In that case, we can offer additional services such as winter maintenance, graffiti removal, courtyard upkeep, cleaning and tidying of common areas and staircases, window cleaning, and much more. Our caretakers take pride in knowing the property, enabling them to quickly guide craftsmen and others regarding tasks and guidelines for each property.


Our cleaning team offers versatile cleaning services. We cater to businesses, offices, stores, other commercial spaces, and residential areas. Our team also handles specialized cleanings that may require specific disinfection or occur under particularly advanced conditions. We can accommodate your schedules and any special requirements you may have. Our team is flexible and can work outside regular hours to avoid disruptions to your daily operations. We assist whether you require daily, weekly, or periodic cleaning.

Construction Site Services

We offer comprehensive and flexible construction site services, including labour hiring for carpenters, welders, labourers with or without specific certifications, and cleaning staff. We’re happy to assist with setting up safety measures, removing waste, construction materials, or providing thorough cleaning, leaving the construction site in a safe and presentable condition. Our workforce is familiar with safety regulations and the daily operations of a construction site. Therefore, they can quickly assume their desired roles and help minimize operational disruptions.

Maintenance of Waste Collection Trucks

We specialize in the maintenance of waste collection trucks. This includes tasks such as washing, excavation, and general upkeep. We’ve developed approved safety procedures specifically for these tasks in collaboration with specialists. These ensure work methods allow us to perform our tasks with the necessary safety to handle these specialized vehicles. Our team has extensive experience in addressing the daily challenges drivers might encounter, issues that could cause operational disruptions. Additionally, we provide an emergency call-out service to address sudden challenges, preventing the vehicles from being taken out of operation. Furthermore, our welders conduct maintenance and repairs on containers. Our experience shows that consistent maintenance and cleaning of waste collection trucks enhance their efficiency and reliability. Regular excavation of waste containers and chambers assists in keeping the vehicles free from accumulated waste and other residues that could affect functionality. This can extend waste collection trucks’ lifespan and reduce operational disruptions risk.

Collision Damage Service

In the fast-paced logistics and adherence to schedules, accidents can happen. We understand the importance of prompt response and securing the area when the unexpected occurs. Following a collision, we provide swift and effective repairs. Additionally, we assist in cleaning up spilt sludge, waste, oil spills, or any unforeseen incidents. We handle the entire process, from securing the site, initial damage assessment, and repair to completion. Our services cover minor scratches or spills to more significant damages.