Special Effects


Sparks look stunning, and luckily, they come in all shapes, colours, and sizes. The quantity and expression of sparks depend on the composition of materials, but the general rule is: You want it, we create it. Our quality products are specially designed and manufactured for the film and TV industry, live performances, concerts, and events.


We’ve executed countless explosions and always approach the task with great care, preparation, and respect for the materials involved. Each pyrotechnic work has different requirements for preparation and safety. No two jobs are the same. Even a “simple” explosion might require up to 200 individual steps in rigging, preparation, safety checks, and split-second timing to ensure the effect will detonate flawlessly. The point here is that no one should attempt such effects without professional training and expertise encompassing all aspects of this effect.


Fire effects create dramatic moments, both in film and theatre. However, filming fire can be challenging, and the director may only have one chance to capture the scene. Typically, fire is used alongside various other special effects. For instance, an explosion followed by fire, perhaps rain or snow.  We have extensive experience in delivering fire effects and can guide you in achieving the intensity you need without compromising safety and creative freedom.

Bullet Hits / Air Hits

The bullet hits, and air hits come in various forms. These techniques simulate shots hitting the head, skin, or body, allowing for single or multiple shots on the body without compromising safety. This approach also provides complete freedom to place the camera for the most significant impact strategically.  We offer multiple solutions involving both squibs and air-firing systems. Some systems are wireless, maximising flexibility and movement, while others are classic firing systems. While constructing bullet hits and air hits isn’t overly complex, it requires substantial preparation and is time-consuming.

Special Customized Effects Systems

We have extensive experience crafting custom film, theatre, and performance prototypes. Our technicians and safety coordinators collaborate to develop and design unique effects tailored to specific needs. Whether it’s tables and chairs bursting into flames or a magical effect like rain inside a circus tent, our special effects are limited only by your imagination.