The store is open!

FXteam has created a shop with everything one could dream of in a special effects department. We have a sea of products in stock and continually develop new exciting solutions for effects. We always carry classic products like Fuller Earth, snow from Snow Business, Dirty Down, Breakaway Glass, and everything from stunt cars, custom-made props and effects, products like artificial blood, glass, snow, smoke, rain, dust, and much more. Here is a small part of what we have in the store. Feel free to contact us if there is anything specific you desire.

Prop Manufacturing

Our team offers everything in artificially crafted effects, including glass, cups, plates, window glass, blunt weapons, knives, pistols, clubs, cannon blasts, brass knobs, chains, bottles, crowbars, body parts, burn wounds, gunshot wounds, and bricks. We create all types of props from original models or imagination. We work with various materials and have a large inventory of previously used props, tests, and samples.


We offer vehicles for stunt scenes and realistic destruction sequences. With our extensive knowledge and experience regarding environmental and safety regulations, we are happy to guide you if vehicles need to be procured for production. Whether it’s cars to be destroyed, exploded, crashed, submerged, or anything else, we can deliver precisely the vehicle you need.