Production services

Art Department Service

Art Department Service provides comprehensive services and support to the creative department within film production. It works closely with the chief designer and is the practical extension, tackling all the necessary tasks to bring the film’s visual concepts and ideas to fruition.

Location Service

Our location service specialises in providing practical services for a film production on location or outside a studio. Everything that smooths the production process, such as laying down track mats, transporting equipment on-site, specialised off-road driving with ATVs or 4×4 vehicles, cleanup and sanitation before, during, and after production, is within our expertise.


Rigging is a common method used in TV and film production and other industries to lift, secure, or move actors, heavy objects, or equipment. Experience is just as crucial as the necessary safety equipment for these tasks. Our team possesses versatile experience and focuses on tailoring solutions to meet your specific needs.

Precision Driving

Our drivers are trained to execute advanced driving techniques and stunt manoeuvres. Safety is an absolute priority. Drivers adhere to strict safety protocols and consistently undergo training to ensure they can perform their tasks in a controlled and secure manner.

Film Safety Coordinator

Our experienced film safety coordinators are available throughout filming to ensure all necessary precautions are taken. We understand the importance of creating a safe working environment for all involved, which is crucial for a smooth and successful production.


We collaborate with a diverse range of professional stunt performers. Their skills encompass precision driving and combat sequences on land, in water, and in the air. Stunts often involve scenes with explosions, fire, flight, and combat, where safety is of utmost priority, and the stunt is critical for a successful production. Our in-house stunt coordinator and their incredibly talented network of colleagues provide appropriate guidance and stunt supervision.

Special Transport

Our fleet includes electric cars, ATVs, and 4WD vehicles with trailers designed to handle all types of terrain. Our drivers can navigate safely and efficiently no matter how challenging your location. Additionally, we have four custom-built boats capable of transporting equipment by water.

Studio & Space

Our multi-studio, spanning 300 m2 with a 4.5 m ceiling height and two large doors allowing for the entry of two trucks, two kitchens, bathrooms, a lounge, and a makeup room, is an ideal location for bringing creative projects to life. There’s the freedom to create with easy access to transport equipment and props in and out and with multiple rooms. The studio can be rented daily or for longer periods.

Set & Construction

One of our production services is our carpentry workshop, which specialises in set construction and custom solutions. FXteam Set & Construction boasts various workshops that allow us to craft complex solutions in-house. Aside from set construction and custom solutions, we also handle various craftsmanship tasks, renovations, and refurbishments. We no longer solely cater to clients in the film and TV industry but also work within the construction industry with private clients and cultural institutions. In addition to our set design production for film, TV, theatre, advertising, restaurants, shops, showrooms, event and exhibition stands, furniture, and interiors. Our ability to be involved throughout the entire process allows us, for instance, to ensure building materials are reused, enabling us to create a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for production. Jacob Mark Andreasen heads this department. With his many years of experience in set construction and custom solutions, we can also handle your project alongside the talented individuals in our workshops.